Not As Good As A Sharp Stick In The Eye

Andrew O’Hehir, in yet another article which dismisses the possibility of a Bernie Presidency, wrote: “As Sanders’ most ‘roid-raged and testosterone-fueled supporters will ultimately admit, Hillary Clinton is vastly preferable as president to any possible Republican, semi-lovable Rust Belt New Ager John Kasich included.” O’Hehir Article I have never taken steroids. And, since I am […]

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History is Knocking

By Margaret Flowers – Posted on 04 June 2011 By Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, Tarak Kauff, and Elaine Brower There comes a time when efforts to avoid the truth begin to fail, when one can no longer go about daily life and pretend that all is okay. If you are like most of us, you are experiencing this. […]

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