Not As Good As A Sharp Stick In The Eye

Andrew O’Hehir, in yet another article which dismisses the possibility of a Bernie Presidency, wrote: “As Sanders’ most ‘roid-raged and testosterone-fueled supporters will ultimately admit, Hillary Clinton is vastly preferable as president to any possible Republican, semi-lovable Rust Belt New Ager John Kasich included.” O’Hehir Article I have never taken steroids. And, since I am […]

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Imagine you are a delicious, edible substance that is dying of malnutrition. Imagine you are walking down a dark corridor. People with tiny little flashlights will occasionally stop and ask you for directions, thank you, and then leave you in the dark. Imagine being on a sinking ship, helping all the passengers onto their respective […]

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Don’t Blame the Dumb Ones

I find it increasingly difficult to hold any hope for this society. Despite almost daily warnings about global warming, or corporate sponsored legislative decisions that rob us of our civil rights, or revelations about the criminal activity of our own government, educated Americans, to a large extent, try their best to ignore what’s happening in […]

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Streamers 2 and 3

Here’s two more. Emily smiled dreamily. Her new baby teeth had just arrived at the lustrous pony barn, and they knew her like an anaconda knows the back of a flounder. Under the gross boo boos inflicted by Ingamar the Haggard lay a deeper meaning, known only to those precious few who frequented the deeper, […]

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