Stuff That Baffles Me

  • Teachers who treat kids like crap

Why the term “military chaplain” isn’t considered an oxymoron


Low income Republicans who are in favor of tax breaks for the über wealthy


Wadda you fuckin’ nuts?

Why we feel justified overthrowing legally-elected governments


People who honestly believe racism is no longer an issue in this country


Trump supporters who aren’t billionaires


Why we condone torture and still think we’re the good guys


Americans whose lives were saved by the Affordable Care Act and are happy it was repealed


Obama supporters who completely ignore the fact that he is a blatant Capitalist whore


Why anyone thinks Amy Schumer is funny


Poor people who send their kids to die for rich people and think it’s patriotic


Why we blame teachers for stupid kids and ignore the effect television has on them


Doctors who believe the Earth is less than 10,000 years old


People who protested the Iraq War and never said a mumbling word about Obama’s drones


Republicans who continue to vote for people who screw them over repeatedly


Why Keith Richard still walks the Earth.


People who use the “N” word constantly and are offended when you call them racists


Why we don’t prosecute our own war criminals


People who become depressed when their sports team loses




Hillary supporters who refuse to believe she EVER lied, despite absolute proof to the contrary


Hillary supporters who excuse her lies


People who think Jesus is a warlord


Why Israel leads our congressmen and senators around by the nose


Working people who hate unions


Trump supporters who STILL think he tells the truth


Why we let anal retentive, sexually frustrated pumpaloafs determine what is proper behavior for the masses


People who studied, or even HEARD of logic at some point in their lives and still support Trump


Holiday With Lice

Here is my new tune.

It is about how the same vermin who have been screwing us for decades continue to be elected by the very same people they have been actively screwing.

What Did You Expect, Madonna?

You wealthy liberal actors and mainstream church officials are a hoot. You get all butt hurt and indignant when Herr Donald wins the Presidency, yet,hollywood-elites for the past 35 freaking years, the vast majority of you have said little or nothing about the creeping, malevolent barnacle of Right Wing idiocy that has latched on to the soft, flabby underparts of American society. We are now living with an entire generation of people who have been tit fed from the virulent swill of Rush Limbaugh, the hateful sludge of Michael Savage, the veiled suggestions of violence from loofah boy O’Reilly, and the sycophantic babbling of pretty boy Hannity. There is a huge, Carvel-like skidmark of aural insanity smeared across our country, from sea to irradiated sea, and the silence of you folks is a large part of the reason it exists. You regarded Anne Coulter and Sarah Palin and that poor, sick Glenn Beck fellow as little more than annoying entertainment, and all the while these rancid purveyors of sick nonsense were poisoning the minds of an entire generation of good, hard-working Americans, some of whom are close friends of mine, Americanchurch-guys who might NEVER have voted for Trump or any other overt fascist had they not had pure drivel rammed down their collective gullets for more than three decades. Trump’s election was a natural result of almost forty years of the conservative, fact-free babble machine’s malevolent influence, and you, with all your wealth and power, allowed it to happen while you sipped white wine, soaked in your Jacuzzis, rubbed your beads, and collected your awards.

I thought Meryl Streep’s recent speech was beautifully heartfelt and moving, and I agreed with almost every word. But so what? The spirit of that speech should have suffused every “liberal” thought and discussion as soon as those who seek to control our very thoughts and lives began the slow-motion coup that now has America in its clutches. You wealthy Liberals and well-fed priests and bishops didn’t drop the ball; you never bothered to pick it up. This country runs on money and influence, you had it, and when it could have been used to help stop what has become a fascist takeover, you couldn’t be bothered to spare it. Thanks, rock stars and movie stars and buddy-boy church officials. Sleep well. Keep posturing about how much you care now that the monster you allowed to be birthed has grown terrifyingly large is destroying the village you claim is so necessary.

Why did you let Air America die a slow death? Air America, for those of you who might never have heard of it, was a radio network which began as an honest attempt to counter right wing alg-al-franken-air-america-jpgpropaganda. It had the potential to be a real voice of the people, and it was allowed to flounder and drown while you, the Liberal Elite, sat in the comforting bubble of your gigantic estates and beautiful cathedrals praying and counting your money. You who have made millions entertaining us or “guiding us in the ways of the Prince of Peace” couldn’t bear to part with even a small portion of your tremendous fortunes to help keep freedom and sanity alive on the airwaves. You sat by, wallowing in your palatial homes and speeding through life in too-expensive driving machines, while left-wing radio stations were systematically turned into moronic sports talk watering holes or right-wing drool dispensaries.

Reagan ushererational_thought_jpgd in the end of the Fairness Doctrine, legislation that required broadcast outlets to air both sides of an opinion on the same station, during the same broadcast. You let that quietly die, too. I don’t recall any fuss or indignant protest when those who seek to own the American people created the imaginary left/right divide which now infests our country. We the people were denied the right to hear dissenting voices. Now we listen to only that which comforts our prejudices while ignoring anything we don’t like. We have become an ignorant, stupid people because so many of you wealthy celebrities and clerics didn’t bother to speak out about a clear threat to democracy, an overt and obvious attack on people’s right to think and choose for themselves.

Why was there little or no celebrity or church resistance to the Iraq War? Why were iraq-childthe mainstream churches generally silent about the illegal invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation, the butchering of children? Why was the Bush/Cheney Crime Family allowed to get away with a war crime we haven’t seen since Hitler invaded Poland? Why did your beloved Obama not prosecute these neo-fascist thugs? Where was the outcry when Right Wing zealots, once again, wasted our money and destroyed lives? You’re all sad and regretful about it now, but where the hell were you when your raised voices might have helped prevent this atrocity?

Where was the Hollywood Rock’n’Roll outrage when your lovable, Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama turned innocent civilians into pink mist with his drobarack-drone-bomber-obamanes?

Trump has no more business being President than I have being center for the Knicks, but there he is, and if famous actors, musicians, and church officials had had the balls to stand up to the Right Wing menace years ago, there’s at least an outside chance the orange prick never would have been elected. Certainly there were other factors which contributed to the frightening situation in which we war-crimesnow find ourselves, but the wealthy liberals and “men of God” who are only now choosing to whinge about it, now that it’s clearly too late, those people of influence who chose to be silent when the fascist takeover was in its infancy, are more than partially responsible for its existence.

More Thoughts About Gun Ownership

This is not one of the sane or pleasant ones

Many people I know are gun owners, and many of those gun owners are sane, pleasant people who treat their weapons with the respect they deserve and are generally very responsible individuals. Many are also highly knowledgeable of the technical aspects of weaponry and are more than happy to share that knowledge, oftentimes whether I want to hear it or not. Even though I have no real desire to learn anything at all about pistols or rifles or whatever, I try to listen patiently. However, I can do without the occasional “I-have-no-respect-for-people-who-don’t- see-things-my-way” chest-pounding which sometimes accompanies these mini-lessons, as well as the references to “disaffected loser scumbags” or “lowlifes,” but when I take the time to sort through their testosterone-driven bluster, I find they often do present their case reasonably well. Sometimes they claim to know “every single thing an anti-gun person would say”, which makes me think they could probably use a small dose of humility, but I smile and nod anyway. Arguing opinion is just tiring. They certainly know all about their own topic, but their range of knowledge tends to be very limited.


How some people see the world

Several gun owners I know see the world as a “good guy-bad guy” dichotomy, which works well on a one-dimensional plane and in John Wayne movies, but as soon as I lift it up the edge of these arguments and start examining the underpinnings of the preconceptions and generalizations they are founded upon, things get a tad iffy. Many gun advocates think it would be a terrific idea to arm teachers, for example. After all, if there were a few more guns at Sandy Hook those kids would still be alive, right? My gun friends propose the selection of teacher packers on a voluntary basis, which sounds great at first blush, but it doesn’t preclude the very real possibility of a testosterone-filled first or second (or tenth) year teacher whipping out his piece when some kid gives him a bit too much shit on any given day. It could happen. Even a bleeding heart freak such as myself would be sorely tempted to brandish a weapon when little Billy tells me to commit a physical impossibility on myself for the eighth time in a half hour.


Second Amendment Savior

If you or anyone else can look me in the eye and tell me that potential teacher-guardians are level-headed and mature across the board, I will openly question your sanity. It just isn’t true. And there’s no practical way to weed the barbarians and zealots out of the mix, much less determine what their real intentions are.

The Wild Wild West is way, way in the past, and I for one would like to leave it there. Many people I have met aren’t as tightly wrapped as they believe themselves to be, and the thought of them carrying concealed weapons is unsettling, to put it mildly. Many weapons advocates present best (or worst) case scenarios when describing situations where citizens would have been saved “if they only had a gun (see ‘Sandy Hook’),” but I think they might be kidding themselves into thinking there are that many solid citizens out there, even if they are teachers.


At home

I do not care if people own guns, be they assault weapons, pistols, or Howitzers. All I ask is that the privilege of gun ownership involves intense, situational, weapon-specific mandatory training and psychological background checks for ALL gun buyers. Yes, criminals will still be able to get guns, but I see that as a separate issue. I just can not understand why months of learner’s permit training is a prereq for driving a car, but nothing like that exists for owning a gun. It makes no sense to me.gun-threatened

I wonder if these brave pistol-packers would be happy if, when their sons and daughters are eligible to get their driver’s licenses, the Gun Guy Parents showed them all diagrams of how a car works and then just let them figure it out. Doubtful.


President Pantsuit

hillary-warmongerLet’s not kid ourselves. Hillary Clinton will be our next President, whether we like it or not. Despite the fact that she is not qualified for the job (she’s never held executive office) and is almost totally devoid of honesty and integrity (do some research), she will still be hailed as “THE ONLY RATIONAL CHOICE” by her toadies in the “Liberal” media. They are already starting to paint Der Donald as an even bigger asshole than he actually is. This is no small feat, given the degree to which Mr. Drumpf truly is a preening, narcissistic tangerine pudding, but it also belies their lack of any real journalistic objectivity. Good luck trying to find ANY investigative or even vaguely substantial negative coverage of the Clinton Empire anywhere on the New York or Los Angeles Times websites, and they should change the name of the Washington Post to “The Let’s Stroke Hillary Report”. These weasels are nothing more than a cheering section for the wealthy owners of their parent corporations. The DNC’s presumptive pantsuit darling will, therefore, ride majestically into Washington on the backs of hillary-heelall the deluded Middle-Class souls who honestly still believe she is a champion for their rights. The peasants will strew the ground before her with minimum wage dollar bills and thank De Lawd A’mighty that they finally have a vagina-wielding President. Her well-established credentials as a Wall Street tool and a warmonger of the lowest order will bounce off their CNN-addled noggins like marbles off a rubber doughnut. Very sad, to be sure, but then they are merely the current manifestation of the manufactured consent which has infested this country ever since presidents wore ivory teeth.

dead-kidsIt’s not unreasonable, I think, to presume that Hillary will be directed to continue the policies of her randy hubby and his successors, Bush and Bush Dark, so let’s take a gander at what a second Clinton Presidency might look like.

The Wall Street folks will continue to make more money than God, with absolutely no fear of jail time or even further regulation. She will declare that Dodd-Frank has been working perfectly and is all we really need to keep the Jamie Dimons of the world in check, even as the Wall Street criminals continue to make a killing by bilking working folks out of their life savings. Anybody wonder yet why the Republicans aren’t clinton_bush_obamaclamoring for the release of the texts of her Goldman Sachs money-grubbing speeches? It’s because both “sides” work for the same “people”. I’m always a bit surprised when Paul Ryan and the other elephants don’t just get it over with and endorse her outright. They certainly don’t seem to like Trump.

The approval of the TPP is definitely in the offing as well, since she needs to carry on her husband’s proud tradition of shipping even more blue-collar jobs out of the country while ensuring that the pharmaceutical companies can hang on to their patents till well after the Second Coming.

occupy_wall_st_vs_real_criminals-1Anyone see a pattern developing yet?

Your fans of blood and destruction will not be disappointed either. Rest assured Hillary will make every attempt to blow what’s left of the Middle East into tiny bloody baby chunks. Her many friends in the weapons and energy industries would have it no other way, and she owes them big time for bundling all that money together for her coronation run. She’s already facilitated the sale of billions of dollars of weaponry to the Saudis, our good friends who share the same brand of Islamic philosophy as does the ISIS monster the Bush Crime Family created.

And fracking! How can we forget fracking?!?! Hillary has promoted the pumping of clean drinking water deep into the crust of the Earth so as to pay off her oil company benefactors. Oklahomans will continue to feel the ground beneath them tremble as our friends from Exxon and Sunoco crack the earth in search of further profit, ecology and human survival be damned.fracking

Hillarybots and cranky, cowardly ex-Bernie supporters are often quick to play the “you must hate women” card. They accuse those of us who are “unreasonable” enough to oppose another Clinton presidency of misogyny. These wine-swilling zealots gloss over the legitimate reasons why we think she’ll be a nightmare of a different color and lash out blindly because they don’t like the fact that we dare to disagree with them.  If there’s anything I’ve learned from this nauseating election charade, it’s that “Liberals” and “Conservatives” cling mindlessly to their unexamined beliefs in equal proportion. A Hillary defender is just as vehemently closed-minded as the most rabid, foam-spewing Tea Bagger.

hilliarNo matter who is “The Winner” in this sick reality show we call “An Election”, the American people deserve what they get. And regardless of which gender monster is installed, there’s a high probability that he or she will be impeached shortly after his or her coronation, Trump for incompetence, and Hillary because that’s what Republicans do.

And people wonder why Colin remains seated.


Trillary or Hump?

fascism_corporate_fascist_americaI am one of Bernie supporters who knew way back when he first started his run that he was already finished. His candidacy was and is a true challenge to the political establishment, and the owners needed to snuff it out by any means convenient. So they did. The reptiles who really run this country do not allow any candidate who is honest and makes sense to prevail for very long (see “Kucinich, Dennis” and/or “Feingold, Russ”); even as I write this, the mainstream corporate press has begun to paint Bernie as little more than an annoying malcontent.

“How DARE this Socialist pinko take offense at the way the DNC clearly rigged the nomination process? The nerve!”

The historical revisionists at the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times and CNN and MSNBC would have us all believe that Queen Clinton was merely following the rules when she courted super delegates well before the nomination process officially started. How stupid can Bernie be to have questioned the oligarchy’s favorite pantsuit princess?! Voter suppression in Brooklyn and California? Who cares? Irregularities in Nevada and Arizona? A mere trifle! Debbie Doberman Schultz, a former Hillary employee, intentionally scheduling Democratic debates during the least-watched television times? A small historical footnote! No conflict of interest here folks! Move it along! Put it behind you and prepare for the heavyweight showdown between the fascist narcissist and the corporate whore! Oh, how the big fat television dollars will be rollin’ on in!

2012_voter_guide_img09Shortly after the DNC coronation extravaganza, Bernie will realize that Hillary had merely been playing kissy face with him to capture his voter base. She has no more intention of adopting ANY of his ideas than she has of stopping weapon sales to the Saudis. She will give him that glassy, waxy, phony smile and assure him of anything he wants to hear, then turn around and do exactly what she had planned to do in the first place.

As far as painting Hillary as ANY sort of Progressive goes, please, I beg you, stop the nonsense. The Democratic party has slithered too far to the right to ever consider itself to be anything near “Progressive”. They are just as bought and owned as the Republicans are. Bernie, sad to say, is kidding himself if he thinks otherwise. He will be patronized and dismissed by the corporate-owned members of the DNC, the Super Delegates, the Democratic Party leaders who see working people as annoying nuisances who need to be patted on the head and then ignored.

I do have to thank the wealthy scumbags who control both corporate war parties, the ones who only care about war profiteering,war-business for finally putting a fork in any vain hope I had that our system of elections is anything more than a sad dramedy. These are the same pricks who thrust themselves into the “democratic” process by buying as many legislators as they can afford, living proof that the imaginary “Republican/Democrat difference” is about the same as a pennant race between the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. They’re all after the same thing, and they are, in the end, run by the same people.

My friends who are STILL supporting Hillary are totally convinced she is our only protection from the Mongol horde of jackbooted Trump supporters who will absolutely overrun this country and turn it into a seething pit of hell, probably within a week after the inauguration. They are immune to any suggestion that Hillary is merely a different type of evil. She hides her monsterhood way better than Trump does, so she’s CLEARLY the only person who can save us from Armageddon. I can’t figure out if they’re merely frightened or whether they’re actually full-blown cowards, but either way it’s pretty sad.

Arguing with a Hillarybot is dismayingly similar to using logic with a Right Wing Nut Job. Each group has arrived at its irrefutable conclusion, and you are automatically either an idiot or de debbil incarnate if you have the temerity to disagree with their “logic” and “everybody knows” mentality.

Hillary voteThe genitalia voters keep telling me that nothing short of nuclear Armageddon would be worse than a Trump Presidency, and that Hillary’s years of experience funneling donor money to the Clinton Foundation will bring many benefits to the poor, beleaguered working man, the little guy, the one she pretends so hard to be “just like”. To their way of thinking, Hillary and Der Donald are as different as two sides of a three-dollar bill. I think they’re all full of hooey, and here’s why.

Both Hillary and Trump are filthy rich. Rich people have been screwing us since forever. Do the math. Trump flaunts it more, while Hillary hides it better, but they’re both accustomed to living WAY above the poverty line. If you think either one of them gives a rat’s ass about anyone without a few mill stashed in an offshore account, you’re nuts.

Both are avid war enthusiasts and therefore will be very popular with NASCAR, NFL, and Hockey fans.

  • Hillary, in addition to voting for Iraq, insisted on getting rid of Gaddafi against the advice of the generals, because they knew it would lead to the mess we’re in right now. She has thus far never voted against anything that had to do with killing even more innocent people in the Middle East.
  • Trump needs to prove to everyone that he’s got a huge winky; he’s a combative douchebag who will undoubtedly have Putin and the Chinese ready to rip our throats out shortly after his first face-to-face meeting with either of them. If you like violence, you’ll be happy with either of these ghouls.

Both are race-baiters, Trump with his ridiculous wall and exportation proposals and Hillary with her super predators and trump-hildebeastObama dog-whistle advertisements. Southerner racists and closeted Northeast bigots will heave a huge sigh of relief after the election when they no longer have to hold in their bigot farts.

Both make a big deal about their respective spouses. Personally, I much prefer Melanoma to Bill.

Both sells lots of useless stuff; Trump sells his name, while Hillary approves weapon sales to the country that spawned most of the 9/11 attackers.

Both “Speak their mind.” Hillary’s mind, of course, is pre-programmed by her handlers, while Trump’s mind vents through his anus.

In the “promises stuff he/she can’t deliver” department, I have to admit there is a subtle distinction to be found. Trump bloviates about doing things which are impossible, while Queen Goldman-Sachs promises stuff she has no intention of delivering. I suppose that one difference does put some daylight between them.

TrumparySomething you loyal Hillary fans seem not to consider is the simple fact that Trump has no discernible manners. I must respectfully suggest that you underestimate how big a dirtbag Mr. Trump really is. He will not feel any moral imperative to pull his punches during the debates or any other time, since spoiled rich boys do what they want whenever they want (see “Bush, George W.”). In addition to having her friend Wasserman-Doberman-Schultz running the DNC, Hillary has had the benefit of battling a gentleman in Sanders. Bernie focused on issues, not cankles. Trump, on the other hand (with its tiny little fingers), is a vile human being with no consideration for anyone but himself. Even the legions of Clinton toadies on MSNBC and CNN, and their counterparts on the Washington Post, NY/LA Times, and Salon will not be able to counter most of the rancid, fetid splooge Trump will gleefully spew upon the DNC’s chosen candidate. It should be a hoot.

Much of what the Right Wing accuses the Clintons of doing is utter nonsense, of course, but she certainly has more than enough conflicts of interest, not to mention weapon sales, on her resume to make any sane person question voting for her.

Still, while Hillary is indeed, IMHO, a monster, Trump is much better at it. He will have no problem bringing up many of the documented shady connections the Clintons have made over the years, connections their buddies iTrumper-Sticker-960x451n the media have chosen to downplay or ignore completely.

Bernie used kid gloves. Look for Trump to put on brass knuckles.

At this point, I truly don’t care who wins. Both beasts will lead us into even more war, both will continue to allow the wealthy to pillage the country. This whole farce is just bad theater. It is painfully apparent to me that we Americans will never fully realize that neither wing of the Corporate War Party cares ANYTHING for the rest of us. A small, dying part of me hopes I’m wrong, but the larger, more cynical part of me has absolutely no faith that we will “rise up as one” against them any time soon. Or ever. Too much good stuff on the Tee Vee. We are too soft and comfortable to be willing to rock our cozy consumer boat. Protests accomplish nothing, not even the very few the MSM deigns to bother covering. Most good ‘Murricans just want to either sip wine or cuddle their guns.

citizens-united-cartoonThe underlying presumption of many or most Hillary supporters, whether they be dyed-in-the-$12,495-Armani-Jacket-wool, or sniveling, cowardly former Bernie supporters who didn’t have the balls to adhere to their own principles, is that the system needs to be preserved at all costs. Hey folks. The system IS the problem. The coronation of Queen Hillary will only prolong the delusion that we still live in a democracy. Her husband gave us NAFTA, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, attacks on unions, and missile attacks on Iraq, accomplishments any proud GOP-er would love to put on his heavenly resume. Wake the hell up. She doesn’t even LIKE you.

Perhaps the election (or installation) of a Right Wing thug is the only thing that will arouse Americans from their stupor. As for me, I will never again hold my nose and vote for someone I know to be a liar and an opportunist. The country is already heading for the handbasket; electing another corporate Democrat will only slow the descent.


p.s. – I’m sorry to keep harping on this, but with regard to your panicky Supreme Court argument, the Democrats could have prevented the appointment of both Roberts AND Sammy “The Fish” Alito, but chose not to, and that was while Teddy Kennedy still stalked the Earth. So spare me the whining about long-term SCOTUS appointments. It doesn’t seem to matter who the President is; we still get Right Wing corporate ideologues placed on the Supreme Court.


Not As Good As A Sharp Stick In The Eye

What if I told you

Andrew O’Hehir, in yet another article which dismisses the possibility of a Bernie Presidency, wrote:

“As Sanders’ most ‘roid-raged and testosterone-fueled supporters will ultimately admit, Hillary Clinton is vastly preferable as president to any possible Republican, semi-lovable Rust Belt New Ager John Kasich included.”

O’Hehir Article

I have never taken steroids. And, since I am rapidly approaching retirement age, my Killerstestosterone levels have dipped considerably. Maybe that’s why I do NOT admit that Hillary would be better than any of the Republican maniacs currently vying to be CEO of Amerika. As sick as it may sound, I prefer the pitchforks and burning torches which will undoubtedly infest America should one of these Republican nincompoops be elected or illegally installed, to the soft, comforting blue propaganda blanket that will descend over fuzzy headed, smug Hillary supporters as they bask in their belief that electing a female was all that really mattered. Hillary will put all the Starbucks-and-fine-white-wine crowd back to sleep, which, in my opinion, is far worse than any open rebellion, or even a self-righteous Drumpfshirt uprising. Nothing short of extreme discomfort will get those who mistakenly think of themselves as being “Lefties” up off their comfortable, upholstered, Häagen-Dazs-bloated asses and into the streets. I say bring on the farm implement-wielding, angry douchebags.

Chomsky on TerrorismDrumpf or Cruz’s election will bring horror back home to America, the horror which Hillary would have directed solely against innocent citizens in the Middle East. If the Clinton Family takes over again, emotionally infantile Americans will, one mo’ tahm, be thoroughly shielded from the terror their very own tax dollars inflict on women and children in parts of the world whose names they can’t pronounce or even read. Democrats only protest Republican war mongers, and I am thoroughly disgusted with all the Democrats who could not care less that Obama and his flying bomb toys are responsible for almost as much death and destruction as Darth Cheney and Dim Son. The cowardly ostriches who refer to themselves as patriots need a good, strong whiff of the huge piles of imperialist/neoliberal/neocon excrement we have sprayed all over the face of Mother Earth, the down home, American-made stinking dung to which we euphemistically refer as “foreign policy”.

A good friend of mine offered the following observation:

digyourgrave“What you’re advocating is the election of two dangerous people. You don’t think Trump would be more bellicose and hair-trigger than Hillary Clinton in international issues? Cruz thinks he’s the portal to the End Times. By advocating for a Republican you’re also throwing the Supreme Court to the right for the next 30 years. Goodbye, Roe, unions, privacy and whatever else GOP-controlled state legislatures can bring to a fight. You’re insisting on anarchy and fascism if your (and my) preferred candidate doesn’t get the nomination.”

Despite having respect for my friend’s opinions, I still think it’s a matter of degree. Given her track record, it’s a good bet that Hillary will Bloody Iraqi Childplacate her groupies just long enough to make them believe she really is “On Our Side”, and then go back to quietly fucking her constituency by making nice with the banker boys, just as Obama has been doing. Meanwhile, the “Everything is Fine as it Is” crowd hunkers down for another four- or eight-year nappy, the banks and corporations get richer, we bomb a few more countries, kill a few thousand more children and wrongly accused inmates of Guantanamo and countless other, nameless black sites, the Queen hands out a few more drilling rights to BP, and all the sleepy fuzzies never notice. Kumbaya, you dumb motherfuckers, Kumbaya.

corrupt cocksuckersAs far as SCOTUS goes, both Alito and Roberts could have been blocked by the Dems, who instead chose to let each man serve for several decades. Teddy Kennedy and Company approved the installation of not one, but TWO staunch corporatists. Why should I trust that Hillary or any other corporate Democrat tool won’t do the exact same thing? Riddle me THAT one, Batman.

Trump and Cruz are both assholes, and, as much as I hate to admit it, many members of the military brass are not. If either bozo orders the military to commit war crimes, the military will refuse. Probably. But should the party of bloated pachyderms manage to pull off the governmental hat trick, it won’t matter which member of the Republican clowncar scores the goal. Each one is repugnant enough in his own right (sorry Carly) to force America into sitting up and listening. I honestly don’t think anything short of electing an openly Fascist theocrat or a repulsive, narcissistic rich boy will scare us enough to put our system of governance on the road to a long-term, sustainable fix. Unfortunately, American society needs to be broken and reset, and it’s going to hurt. A lot.Carlin American Dream

Perhaps I’m naïve in thinking this, but I believe that the spineless corporate press, despite their obvious tendency to whore themselves, overwhelmingly lean, albeit almost imperceptibly, to the left. If Trump or Cruz engages in either idiocy or Armageddon prep (or both), I doubt seriously that the entire mainstream press will pretend everything is just fine. I have enough remaining faith that the movement which Occupy and Bernie spawned will inspire the Trump-sized handful of MSNBC employees who are still capable of thinking for themselves (Rachel Maddow? Chris Hayes? Hello?), to wade successfully through whatever lunacy the Right Wing seeks to impose on the American people and report it accurately.

And yes, it will probably be a bit messy. Because eggs into omelets and all that.

Go Bernie.