Welcome, Social Outcasts and Malcontents!

This is a site about idiocy in America, and there’s lots and lots of material out there. We’ve been pooping in our petri dish for quite a while.

It is neither Right nor Left wing, because both wings are diseased and have flown this country smack into a brick wall.

Please feel free to express yourself. Disagreement is welcomed, but do at least take a stab at using logic.

Those of you on the Right, PLEASE try to refrain from name-calling whenever you stumble across a fact you either can’t refute or plain don’t want to hear. I know you have no ammunition or inclination to engage in civil discussion, but at least give it an honest effort, at least once or twice. Y’all tend to be VERY tedious.

Those of you on the Left might well be roused from your comfy slumber by some of comments and opinions expressed on this site. I suggest you put down your choco mocha latte for a few moments and start paying attention to the world you’ve neglected for most of your white, arrogant life. Then you can resume your nap.

If I think you are a horse’s patoot, I will try to keep it to myself, although chances are it will be painfully obvious anyway . . .


Non Idiots are people whose minds you should be given a piece of.

Dusty Bottles are the bloody word turds I’ve excreted thus far.

Other Stuff links to the music I’ve written and recorded. You should buy some.


Strap in.



Speak Your Piece

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