Interesting Facts and Stuff

I used to like to argue, but it’s usually a waste of time, so I don’t do it nearly as much.

Please feel free to disagree with what I write here, vehemently if you think it’s necessary, but don’t expect a spirited verbal tennis match because those usually degenerate into namecalling of oe sort or another, and I’m trying to outgrow that habit.

I write music.  You can find some of it on Jango and buy a CD of it here.

If you’re a Conservative you probably won’t like it, so don’t waste your time.

If you’re a coffee table Liberal you won’t like it either, because it will offend your delicate sensibilities.

Actually, scratch that.  All of you should buy a copy and use it for skeet practice or to rest your drink on.  I don’t mind taking your money.

I’m in a bar duo on some weekends, but not all that many since we don’t play radio crap and we’re all kind of elderly and gross. Even if we were single again (we’re not), the groupies would have bailed on us a long, long time ago.  Still, we’re not bad for a couple of old guys.


By the way, if you’re a Right Wing loon, I hope you’ll post here a lot.  I find most of your comments to be very entertaining in an irrational, lobotomized sort of way.


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