If You Disagree With Me You Hate America

The following is an expanded version of a Facebook conversation I recently had with a true red, white, and blue Democrat who is convinced that we must elect whomever the DNC tells us to vote for in order to prevent America from falling into Fascism. This person also wagged a finger at me for failing to support Hillary.

We had some profound disagreements.

Christopher D. Fee I am never holding my breath and voting for the lesser evil ever again. I will not be guilted into supporting a system that only works to benefit a tiny handful of wealthy pricks. The “liberals” in this country are as much to blame for Trump as are his blind and deaf followers.holdingnoseGE-59022a503df78c5456ad9abe

Facebook Friend – NO!!! That’s baloney…vote blue or you get the new Hitler.

CDF – I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

FF – If we don’t unite, we go down together…we may have to hold our noses, but the bigger picture is to rid us of 45 and the spineless cowards in Congress.

CDF – I guess we see a different big picture. Global warming is the biggy for me, and neither War Party has done anything appreciable to try and stop or even slow it in any significant way. Too many profits would be threatened. Besides, we’d lose our excuse to stop bombing all those countries full of tan people who have the chutzpah to keep OUR oil buried under THEIR soil. Political solutions won’t solve either problem, because both War Parties are owned by corporations and/or Wall Street. Granted, a Democrat POTUS would slow our slide down the razor blade, but the slide would continue regardless. Unless we dump Capitalism entirely we’re hosed no matter what, and the likelihood of that happening is about the same as me registering Republican.global

And by the way, there are spineless cowards on both sides of the aisle . . .

FF – If you go GOP you are going fascist…with Dems we have a shot at those issues you care about…if you go for marginal candidate, Dem, you are voting for 45…and marginal means just that, not a prayer of winning…one reason for GOP wins is that they unite, no matter what or who…

CDF – Why would anyone want to do that? Blindly accepting the will of the party, any party, automatically eliminates the option of thinking for yourself. This is yet another example of Democrats trying to out-Republican Republicans, and so far it hasn’t been a tactic that’s worked too well for you.

See: Clinton, Hillary, 2016.blind

Democrats have:

1. Attacked unions (Clinton)

2. Bombed Iraq (Clinton)

3. Droned children (Obama)

4. Refused to impeach criminals (Pelosi and Pelosi)

5. Refused to prosecute Wall Street criminals (Obama)

6. Allowed passage of the NDAA, which gives the Executive branch license to declare a U.S. citizen to be a domestic terrorist and take them into custody with no trial or due process (Obama again)

7. Allowed BP to drill in the Gulf of Mexico after they pretty much ruined it (Mr. Nobel Peace Prize. Again.)

8. Signed NAFTA, which allowed corporate greedsters to ship millions of jobs out of the country. This version of class warfare also allowed the owners to fill their conveniently all-voluntary military ranks with countless numbers of recently disemployed, middle class workers who had suddenly lost both income and prospects due to Obedient Billy Boy’s deal with the financial demons who run this planet. (Clinton)wanted-dick-cheney-poster-t-shirt-3

I agree that Republicans should really be called The New Fascist Party, but the Democrats have contributed their share of shenanigans too. I have no use for either one.

Please don’t tell me I’m “throwing away my vote” because I don’t feel good about endorsing either one of two War Party sock puppets. My chosen candidate might not “win”, but at least I can sleep a little better knowing I didn’t waste my vote on yet another person hand selected and supported by the military industrial complex.

FF – To be blunt…so freaking what???? Vote for our republic/democracy or vote for its destruction…it’s that simple…

CDF – This is precisely what bothers me about party people. No matter what your “side” does, it’s OK. Any mention of your own infractions is either ignored or ridiculed. And anybody who doesn’t stand with you, lockstep, is deemed a traitor, a fool, or worse. You all, Republican and Democrat alike, seem terrified to step out of your respective echo chambers. You’re all for democracy as long as your “side” is in charge. Partisan_doom.0

I want no part of it. The country will continue to fall apart because both “sides” will continue to destroy the Middle Class by funneling money to their wealthy benefactors. It happens under both Democratic and Republican regimes, and it won’t stop until we’re all forced to ask for an allowance to feed our children.

I sympathize with your intent, since both Trump and Trumpism are indeed scourges to the planet and its people, but I think you’re kidding yourself if you think Democrats offer any real solution. They’re just as bought as their Republican counterparts, but they’re way better at making you think they’re on your “side”.

FF – Then you will be like the ones who failed to vote for Hillary…and are now living with the reality of what they did…voted their conscience and let 45 win…deniro

CDF – I didn’t “fail” to vote for Hillary. I “chose” not to vote for yet another corporate shill. “Liberals” watched the rise of this long term Right Wing coup and laughed it off. For decades. Now you’re finally seeing the plans of PNAC come to fruition, and you’re all butthurt because you weren’t paying attention, and use those who WERE paying attention as convenient scapegoats for your own lassitude. The information was readily available, and y’all chose to ignore it. You could have blocked both Alito and Roberts and didn’t. You could have brought the Bush Crime Family war criminals to justice and decided it wasn’t politically expedient to do so, thereby making a mockery of the rule of law. Your inaction and cowardice set the stage for King Blockhead’s election. Don’t go pointing fingers at those of us who saw this coming because y’all couldn’t be bothered to notice what was right in front of you.

FF – Congressional/individual…I personally could not have blocked those nominations…I’m talking about individual voters and their choices…and yet by not voting for a corporate shill, you let one of the biggest into the WH…fascist Trump

CDF – Personally, of course not, since you and I are private, Middle Class citizens whose opinion doesn’t count, but your chosen party failed to act when it could have. You are urging me to vote for that party. I can’t do it. Just because they have a “D” in front of their names doesn’t automatically mean they’ll get my vote.

There are certainly some Democrats, like Elizabeth Warren and possibly Corey Booker, whom I could enthusiastically support, but the likelihood of them being nominated is teeny tiny because they have a habit of calling out the greed monsters who are snuggle buddies with the Clintons and Pelosis.

Trump is not a corporate shill. He’s a grotesque, preening imbecile who didn’t even want to be elected. Still, as horrible as he is, he’s gotten people to finally wake up and smell the imminent fall of the empire. I suppose even turds can hold a tiny diamond.elizabeth-warren

So now YOU have a choice: a slow death by a thousand economic cuts or a concerted effort to completely overthrow and abandon the current system, a system that only benefits the people who put it in place. The “democracy” you are so desperate to defend only works for rich guys. People with less than a seven-figure income simply don’t matter to either old-guard Democrats or The New Fascist Party. Both are totally (totally!) owned subsidiaries of the monsters who really run our Democratic Republic. They need to go, and putting another Wall Street approved toady into the White House, no matter who he or she is, is only going to prolong the agony.


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