Stuff That Baffles Me

  • Teachers who treat kids like crap

Why the term “military chaplain” isn’t considered an oxymoron


Low income Republicans who are in favor of tax breaks for the über wealthy


Wadda you fuckin’ nuts?

Why we feel justified overthrowing legally-elected governments


People who honestly believe racism is no longer an issue in this country


Trump supporters who aren’t billionaires


Why we condone torture and still think we’re the good guys


Americans whose lives were saved by the Affordable Care Act and are happy it was repealed


Obama supporters who completely ignore the fact that he is a blatant Capitalist whore


Why anyone thinks Amy Schumer is funny


Poor people who send their kids to die for rich people and think it’s patriotic


Why we blame teachers for stupid kids and ignore the effect television has on them


Doctors who believe the Earth is less than 10,000 years old


People who protested the Iraq War and never said a mumbling word about Obama’s drones


Republicans who continue to vote for people who screw them over repeatedly


Why Keith Richard still walks the Earth.


People who use the “N” word constantly and are offended when you call them racists


Why we don’t prosecute our own war criminals


People who become depressed when their sports team loses




Hillary supporters who refuse to believe she EVER lied, despite absolute proof to the contrary


Hillary supporters who excuse her lies


People who think Jesus is a warlord


Why Israel leads our congressmen and senators around by the nose


Working people who hate unions


Trump supporters who STILL think he tells the truth


Why we let anal retentive, sexually frustrated pumpaloafs determine what is proper behavior for the masses


People who studied, or even HEARD of logic at some point in their lives and still support Trump


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