What Did You Expect, Madonna?

You wealthy liberal actors and mainstream church officials are a hoot. You get all butt hurt and indignant when Herr Donald wins the Presidency, yet,hollywood-elites for the past 35 freaking years, the vast majority of you have said little or nothing about the creeping, malevolent barnacle of Right Wing idiocy that has latched on to the soft, flabby underparts of American society. We are now living with an entire generation of people who have been tit fed from the virulent swill of Rush Limbaugh, the hateful sludge of Michael Savage, the veiled suggestions of violence from loofah boy O’Reilly, and the sycophantic babbling of pretty boy Hannity. There is a huge, Carvel-like skidmark of aural insanity smeared across our country, from sea to irradiated sea, and the silence of you folks is a large part of the reason it exists. You regarded Anne Coulter and Sarah Palin and that poor, sick Glenn Beck fellow as little more than annoying entertainment, and all the while these rancid purveyors of sick nonsense were poisoning the minds of an entire generation of good, hard-working Americans, some of whom are close friends of mine, Americanchurch-guys who might NEVER have voted for Trump or any other overt fascist had they not had pure drivel rammed down their collective gullets for more than three decades. Trump’s election was a natural result of almost forty years of the conservative, fact-free babble machine’s malevolent influence, and you, with all your wealth and power, allowed it to happen while you sipped white wine, soaked in your Jacuzzis, rubbed your beads, and collected your awards.

I thought Meryl Streep’s recent speech was beautifully heartfelt and moving, and I agreed with almost every word. But so what? The spirit of that speech should have suffused every “liberal” thought and discussion as soon as those who seek to control our very thoughts and lives began the slow-motion coup that now has America in its clutches. You wealthy Liberals and well-fed priests and bishops didn’t drop the ball; you never bothered to pick it up. This country runs on money and influence, you had it, and when it could have been used to help stop what has become a fascist takeover, you couldn’t be bothered to spare it. Thanks, rock stars and movie stars and buddy-boy church officials. Sleep well. Keep posturing about how much you care now that the monster you allowed to be birthed has grown terrifyingly large is destroying the village you claim is so necessary.

Why did you let Air America die a slow death? Air America, for those of you who might never have heard of it, was a radio network which began as an honest attempt to counter right wing alg-al-franken-air-america-jpgpropaganda. It had the potential to be a real voice of the people, and it was allowed to flounder and drown while you, the Liberal Elite, sat in the comforting bubble of your gigantic estates and beautiful cathedrals praying and counting your money. You who have made millions entertaining us or “guiding us in the ways of the Prince of Peace” couldn’t bear to part with even a small portion of your tremendous fortunes to help keep freedom and sanity alive on the airwaves. You sat by, wallowing in your palatial homes and speeding through life in too-expensive driving machines, while left-wing radio stations were systematically turned into moronic sports talk watering holes or right-wing drool dispensaries.

Reagan ushererational_thought_jpgd in the end of the Fairness Doctrine, legislation that required broadcast outlets to air both sides of an opinion on the same station, during the same broadcast. You let that quietly die, too. I don’t recall any fuss or indignant protest when those who seek to own the American people created the imaginary left/right divide which now infests our country. We the people were denied the right to hear dissenting voices. Now we listen to only that which comforts our prejudices while ignoring anything we don’t like. We have become an ignorant, stupid people because so many of you wealthy celebrities and clerics didn’t bother to speak out about a clear threat to democracy, an overt and obvious attack on people’s right to think and choose for themselves.

Why was there little or no celebrity or church resistance to the Iraq War? Why were iraq-childthe mainstream churches generally silent about the illegal invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation, the butchering of children? Why was the Bush/Cheney Crime Family allowed to get away with a war crime we haven’t seen since Hitler invaded Poland? Why did your beloved Obama not prosecute these neo-fascist thugs? Where was the outcry when Right Wing zealots, once again, wasted our money and destroyed lives? You’re all sad and regretful about it now, but where the hell were you when your raised voices might have helped prevent this atrocity?

Where was the Hollywood Rock’n’Roll outrage when your lovable, Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama turned innocent civilians into pink mist with his drobarack-drone-bomber-obamanes?

Trump has no more business being President than I have being center for the Knicks, but there he is, and if famous actors, musicians, and church officials had had the balls to stand up to the Right Wing menace years ago, there’s at least an outside chance the orange prick never would have been elected. Certainly there were other factors which contributed to the frightening situation in which we war-crimesnow find ourselves, but the wealthy liberals and “men of God” who are only now choosing to whinge about it, now that it’s clearly too late, those people of influence who chose to be silent when the fascist takeover was in its infancy, are more than partially responsible for its existence.


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