President Pantsuit

hillary-warmongerLet’s not kid ourselves. Hillary Clinton will be our next President, whether we like it or not. Despite the fact that she is not qualified for the job (she’s never held executive office) and is almost totally devoid of honesty and integrity (do some research), she will still be hailed as “THE ONLY RATIONAL CHOICE” by her toadies in the “Liberal” media. They are already starting to paint Der Donald as an even bigger asshole than he actually is. This is no small feat, given the degree to which Mr. Drumpf truly is a preening, narcissistic tangerine pudding, but it also belies their lack of any real journalistic objectivity. Good luck trying to find ANY investigative or even vaguely substantial negative coverage of the Clinton Empire anywhere on the New York or Los Angeles Times websites, and they should change the name of the Washington Post to “The Let’s Stroke Hillary Report”. These weasels are nothing more than a cheering section for the wealthy owners of their parent corporations. The DNC’s presumptive pantsuit darling will, therefore, ride majestically into Washington on the backs of hillary-heelall the deluded Middle-Class souls who honestly still believe she is a champion for their rights. The peasants will strew the ground before her with minimum wage dollar bills and thank De Lawd A’mighty that they finally have a vagina-wielding President. Her well-established credentials as a Wall Street tool and a warmonger of the lowest order will bounce off their CNN-addled noggins like marbles off a rubber doughnut. Very sad, to be sure, but then they are merely the current manifestation of the manufactured consent which has infested this country ever since presidents wore ivory teeth.

dead-kidsIt’s not unreasonable, I think, to presume that Hillary will be directed to continue the policies of her randy hubby and his successors, Bush and Bush Dark, so let’s take a gander at what a second Clinton Presidency might look like.

The Wall Street folks will continue to make more money than God, with absolutely no fear of jail time or even further regulation. She will declare that Dodd-Frank has been working perfectly and is all we really need to keep the Jamie Dimons of the world in check, even as the Wall Street criminals continue to make a killing by bilking working folks out of their life savings. Anybody wonder yet why the Republicans aren’t clinton_bush_obamaclamoring for the release of the texts of her Goldman Sachs money-grubbing speeches? It’s because both “sides” work for the same “people”. I’m always a bit surprised when Paul Ryan and the other elephants don’t just get it over with and endorse her outright. They certainly don’t seem to like Trump.

The approval of the TPP is definitely in the offing as well, since she needs to carry on her husband’s proud tradition of shipping even more blue-collar jobs out of the country while ensuring that the pharmaceutical companies can hang on to their patents till well after the Second Coming.

occupy_wall_st_vs_real_criminals-1Anyone see a pattern developing yet?

Your fans of blood and destruction will not be disappointed either. Rest assured Hillary will make every attempt to blow what’s left of the Middle East into tiny bloody baby chunks. Her many friends in the weapons and energy industries would have it no other way, and she owes them big time for bundling all that money together for her coronation run. She’s already facilitated the sale of billions of dollars of weaponry to the Saudis, our good friends who share the same brand of Islamic philosophy as does the ISIS monster the Bush Crime Family created.

And fracking! How can we forget fracking?!?! Hillary has promoted the pumping of clean drinking water deep into the crust of the Earth so as to pay off her oil company benefactors. Oklahomans will continue to feel the ground beneath them tremble as our friends from Exxon and Sunoco crack the earth in search of further profit, ecology and human survival be damned.fracking

Hillarybots and cranky, cowardly ex-Bernie supporters are often quick to play the “you must hate women” card. They accuse those of us who are “unreasonable” enough to oppose another Clinton presidency of misogyny. These wine-swilling zealots gloss over the legitimate reasons why we think she’ll be a nightmare of a different color and lash out blindly because they don’t like the fact that we dare to disagree with them.  If there’s anything I’ve learned from this nauseating election charade, it’s that “Liberals” and “Conservatives” cling mindlessly to their unexamined beliefs in equal proportion. A Hillary defender is just as vehemently closed-minded as the most rabid, foam-spewing Tea Bagger.

hilliarNo matter who is “The Winner” in this sick reality show we call “An Election”, the American people deserve what they get. And regardless of which gender monster is installed, there’s a high probability that he or she will be impeached shortly after his or her coronation, Trump for incompetence, and Hillary because that’s what Republicans do.

And people wonder why Colin remains seated.



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