Trillary or Hump?

fascism_corporate_fascist_americaI am one of Bernie supporters who knew way back when he first started his run that he was already finished. His candidacy was and is a true challenge to the political establishment, and the owners needed to snuff it out by any means convenient. So they did. The reptiles who really run this country do not allow any candidate who is honest and makes sense to prevail for very long (see “Kucinich, Dennis” and/or “Feingold, Russ”); even as I write this, the mainstream corporate press has begun to paint Bernie as little more than an annoying malcontent.

“How DARE this Socialist pinko take offense at the way the DNC clearly rigged the nomination process? The nerve!”

The historical revisionists at the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times and CNN and MSNBC would have us all believe that Queen Clinton was merely following the rules when she courted super delegates well before the nomination process officially started. How stupid can Bernie be to have questioned the oligarchy’s favorite pantsuit princess?! Voter suppression in Brooklyn and California? Who cares? Irregularities in Nevada and Arizona? A mere trifle! Debbie Doberman Schultz, a former Hillary employee, intentionally scheduling Democratic debates during the least-watched television times? A small historical footnote! No conflict of interest here folks! Move it along! Put it behind you and prepare for the heavyweight showdown between the fascist narcissist and the corporate whore! Oh, how the big fat television dollars will be rollin’ on in!

2012_voter_guide_img09Shortly after the DNC coronation extravaganza, Bernie will realize that Hillary had merely been playing kissy face with him to capture his voter base. She has no more intention of adopting ANY of his ideas than she has of stopping weapon sales to the Saudis. She will give him that glassy, waxy, phony smile and assure him of anything he wants to hear, then turn around and do exactly what she had planned to do in the first place.

As far as painting Hillary as ANY sort of Progressive goes, please, I beg you, stop the nonsense. The Democratic party has slithered too far to the right to ever consider itself to be anything near “Progressive”. They are just as bought and owned as the Republicans are. Bernie, sad to say, is kidding himself if he thinks otherwise. He will be patronized and dismissed by the corporate-owned members of the DNC, the Super Delegates, the Democratic Party leaders who see working people as annoying nuisances who need to be patted on the head and then ignored.

I do have to thank the wealthy scumbags who control both corporate war parties, the ones who only care about war profiteering,war-business for finally putting a fork in any vain hope I had that our system of elections is anything more than a sad dramedy. These are the same pricks who thrust themselves into the “democratic” process by buying as many legislators as they can afford, living proof that the imaginary “Republican/Democrat difference” is about the same as a pennant race between the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. They’re all after the same thing, and they are, in the end, run by the same people.

My friends who are STILL supporting Hillary are totally convinced she is our only protection from the Mongol horde of jackbooted Trump supporters who will absolutely overrun this country and turn it into a seething pit of hell, probably within a week after the inauguration. They are immune to any suggestion that Hillary is merely a different type of evil. She hides her monsterhood way better than Trump does, so she’s CLEARLY the only person who can save us from Armageddon. I can’t figure out if they’re merely frightened or whether they’re actually full-blown cowards, but either way it’s pretty sad.

Arguing with a Hillarybot is dismayingly similar to using logic with a Right Wing Nut Job. Each group has arrived at its irrefutable conclusion, and you are automatically either an idiot or de debbil incarnate if you have the temerity to disagree with their “logic” and “everybody knows” mentality.

Hillary voteThe genitalia voters keep telling me that nothing short of nuclear Armageddon would be worse than a Trump Presidency, and that Hillary’s years of experience funneling donor money to the Clinton Foundation will bring many benefits to the poor, beleaguered working man, the little guy, the one she pretends so hard to be “just like”. To their way of thinking, Hillary and Der Donald are as different as two sides of a three-dollar bill. I think they’re all full of hooey, and here’s why.

Both Hillary and Trump are filthy rich. Rich people have been screwing us since forever. Do the math. Trump flaunts it more, while Hillary hides it better, but they’re both accustomed to living WAY above the poverty line. If you think either one of them gives a rat’s ass about anyone without a few mill stashed in an offshore account, you’re nuts.

Both are avid war enthusiasts and therefore will be very popular with NASCAR, NFL, and Hockey fans.

  • Hillary, in addition to voting for Iraq, insisted on getting rid of Gaddafi against the advice of the generals, because they knew it would lead to the mess we’re in right now. She has thus far never voted against anything that had to do with killing even more innocent people in the Middle East.
  • Trump needs to prove to everyone that he’s got a huge winky; he’s a combative douchebag who will undoubtedly have Putin and the Chinese ready to rip our throats out shortly after his first face-to-face meeting with either of them. If you like violence, you’ll be happy with either of these ghouls.

Both are race-baiters, Trump with his ridiculous wall and exportation proposals and Hillary with her super predators and trump-hildebeastObama dog-whistle advertisements. Southerner racists and closeted Northeast bigots will heave a huge sigh of relief after the election when they no longer have to hold in their bigot farts.

Both make a big deal about their respective spouses. Personally, I much prefer Melanoma to Bill.

Both sells lots of useless stuff; Trump sells his name, while Hillary approves weapon sales to the country that spawned most of the 9/11 attackers.

Both “Speak their mind.” Hillary’s mind, of course, is pre-programmed by her handlers, while Trump’s mind vents through his anus.

In the “promises stuff he/she can’t deliver” department, I have to admit there is a subtle distinction to be found. Trump bloviates about doing things which are impossible, while Queen Goldman-Sachs promises stuff she has no intention of delivering. I suppose that one difference does put some daylight between them.

TrumparySomething you loyal Hillary fans seem not to consider is the simple fact that Trump has no discernible manners. I must respectfully suggest that you underestimate how big a dirtbag Mr. Trump really is. He will not feel any moral imperative to pull his punches during the debates or any other time, since spoiled rich boys do what they want whenever they want (see “Bush, George W.”). In addition to having her friend Wasserman-Doberman-Schultz running the DNC, Hillary has had the benefit of battling a gentleman in Sanders. Bernie focused on issues, not cankles. Trump, on the other hand (with its tiny little fingers), is a vile human being with no consideration for anyone but himself. Even the legions of Clinton toadies on MSNBC and CNN, and their counterparts on the Washington Post, NY/LA Times, and Salon will not be able to counter most of the rancid, fetid splooge Trump will gleefully spew upon the DNC’s chosen candidate. It should be a hoot.

Much of what the Right Wing accuses the Clintons of doing is utter nonsense, of course, but she certainly has more than enough conflicts of interest, not to mention weapon sales, on her resume to make any sane person question voting for her.

Still, while Hillary is indeed, IMHO, a monster, Trump is much better at it. He will have no problem bringing up many of the documented shady connections the Clintons have made over the years, connections their buddies iTrumper-Sticker-960x451n the media have chosen to downplay or ignore completely.

Bernie used kid gloves. Look for Trump to put on brass knuckles.

At this point, I truly don’t care who wins. Both beasts will lead us into even more war, both will continue to allow the wealthy to pillage the country. This whole farce is just bad theater. It is painfully apparent to me that we Americans will never fully realize that neither wing of the Corporate War Party cares ANYTHING for the rest of us. A small, dying part of me hopes I’m wrong, but the larger, more cynical part of me has absolutely no faith that we will “rise up as one” against them any time soon. Or ever. Too much good stuff on the Tee Vee. We are too soft and comfortable to be willing to rock our cozy consumer boat. Protests accomplish nothing, not even the very few the MSM deigns to bother covering. Most good ‘Murricans just want to either sip wine or cuddle their guns.

citizens-united-cartoonThe underlying presumption of many or most Hillary supporters, whether they be dyed-in-the-$12,495-Armani-Jacket-wool, or sniveling, cowardly former Bernie supporters who didn’t have the balls to adhere to their own principles, is that the system needs to be preserved at all costs. Hey folks. The system IS the problem. The coronation of Queen Hillary will only prolong the delusion that we still live in a democracy. Her husband gave us NAFTA, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, attacks on unions, and missile attacks on Iraq, accomplishments any proud GOP-er would love to put on his heavenly resume. Wake the hell up. She doesn’t even LIKE you.

Perhaps the election (or installation) of a Right Wing thug is the only thing that will arouse Americans from their stupor. As for me, I will never again hold my nose and vote for someone I know to be a liar and an opportunist. The country is already heading for the handbasket; electing another corporate Democrat will only slow the descent.


p.s. – I’m sorry to keep harping on this, but with regard to your panicky Supreme Court argument, the Democrats could have prevented the appointment of both Roberts AND Sammy “The Fish” Alito, but chose not to, and that was while Teddy Kennedy still stalked the Earth. So spare me the whining about long-term SCOTUS appointments. It doesn’t seem to matter who the President is; we still get Right Wing corporate ideologues placed on the Supreme Court.



9 thoughts on “Trillary or Hump?

    1. Ah yes, but if you will read my screed again, you will see I acknowledge the fact that many of the Right Wing accusations against Hillary are nonsense. What Mr. Drum (and many other Hillary apologists) refuse to address is her approval of weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, her partnership with banking buddies who are under investigation, and the Clinton Foundation funneling money to her campaign. I do NOT mention Vince Foster, Whitewater, or Benghazi. I didn’t even bring up the video where she lies about being shot at. Your “nope, sorry” focuses only on what you want to see. How about you widen your perspective a bit and take into account ALL of the Clinton shenanigans over the years?

      Why are you folks who are so convinced Hillary is the only answer so willing to dismiss any criticism of her? Has Der Donald really frightened y’all that much?


      1. What shenanigans are you referring to? “Funneling money” to her campaign? Is that Illegal? Do you have proof that it is? All bankers should be under investigation and the fact that she was a NY Senator probably shows that she’s inclined to listen to her constituents on Wall Street. Isn’t that what Chuck Schumer does? If the bankers are guilty of malfeasance, is she automatically? Spaghetti used to stick to my kitchen wall occasionally but I still ate it. Does this have anything to do with Oedipus?


        1. Yes she is, automatically. The connection between the Wall Street/Banking community and our various wars overseas is undeniable. Her constituents on Wall Street are war criminals by proxy, as are Hillary and Obama and any other Senator who takes money from wealthy thugs.

          “Inclined to listen”? How about “works for”? Do you honestly think the repeal of Glass Steagall was an accident?

          I don’t understand the Oedipus reference. At least I hope I don’t. And if you choose to eat filthy spaghetti, have at it. It looks like you’ll have lots of company in November. I’m under no illusion the coronation won’t proceed as planned, but I sure don’t have to like it, nor do I have to pretend the lady in the ugly pantsuit has anyone but the wealthy’s best interests at heart.


  1. Thank you for having the balls to say what needs to be said. Of course, you’re now “part of the problem” to both parties. Wear that label proudly!


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