Why I Will Never, Ever Vote for Hillary Clinton

I don’t like Hillary Clinton. Not even a little bit.

"Maybe I lied just a little . . . "
“Maybe I lied just a little . . . “

I perceive her to be an arrogant, deceitful, opportunistic rich girl, a card-carrying representative of the wealthy vermin who have almost succeeded in their goal of turning America into one of the third world countries that make our overpriced sneakers and jeans that fall apart. Hillary Clinton is the screechy, cankly, wrinkly embodiment of all that I truly loathe about America, and if she finagles her way into winning the Democratic nomination for President in 2016, I will most likely not vote for President at all.

The system we have come to accept as normal has been jiggered to serve Hillary and her ilk, and it needs to be taken down. Wasserman-Schultz’s manipulation of the early 2016 Democratic debates to favor her former boss is a clear indication of that. Through the media they own and the politicians they have bought, the elite have led us to believe that only the “chosen” have the right to govern us, and I am sick of it.

The buffoons running as Republican corporate lackeys are arguably even more distasteful than Hillary, but my days of voting for the lesser of two evils are dead. Dogshit is dogshit, even if it stinks a bit less than the pile across the street.

One of Hillary’s “strongest” arguments is that she will continue the policies of Obama, and, presumably, those of her husband. This is hardly a commendation, and in fact is even more reason to spurn her candidacy.

If you think the Democratic Party has not swung to the Right, you’re simply not paying attention. Both mainstream parties do the bidding of the rich, else they would not take what is essentially bribe money from wealthy donors during their campaign runs. Here are some disturbing examples of how some of the more popular “progressives” have betrayed their allegiance to big money:

Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, which allowed many jobs to be shipped out of the country. He attacked unions. He bombed Iraq. He helped gut welfare for the poor, but left oil company subsidies intact. He repealed Glass-Steagall, which set the stage for the 2008 financial collapse. He accepted $1.2 million in speaking fees from a bank, UBS, which his wife Hillary had just helped to avoid handing over to the IRS the names of people with secret Swiss bank accounts. Champions of the Middle Class my ass.

President Obama gave us the NDAA, which severely curtails our freedoms. He steadfastly refused to prosecute the Bush Family war criminals and CIA torturers. He allowed Wall Street thugs and banksters to walk free after they intentionally gutted our economy. He allowed BP to drill for even more dirty oil in the Gulf of Mexico, despite the destruction their negligence reaped on the people who live in the areas surrounding the Gulf, and the accompanying destruction of wildlife. Mr. Obama, coincidentally, had been given the largest chunk of BP’s campaign money over the past 20 years, to the tune of $77,051. Under Obama, the 1% have gathered 95% of the economic recovery. Yes, he’s created jobs, but many of them involve wearing a paper hat.

Hillary is proudly declaring that she will continue these policies and expand on them. If that’s what modern-day Democrats stand for, I’m even more determined to register as a Socialist (my state doesn’t allow it).

The problem with this country is a system that rewards avarice and deceit, and Hillary Clinton’s political existence depends on maintaining that system. Bernie has unabashedly stood against the vicious tug of the corporate undertow his entire life. He is, in reality, more of a true Democrat that many of the “real” Democrats who have swung so far to the Right in recent decades as to be indistinguishable from their Republican doppelgangers.

Bernie’s candidacy offers what is most likely the last time we will have the opportunity to vote for a person who has remained doggedly consistent throughout his career. He is not “bought”. He does not accept money from the criminals on Wall Street and then justify doing so. He is stridently anti-war. His calculated decision to run as a Democrat speaks to his practical approach to politics. He “gets things done” for us little people, no matter what it takes.

Bernie is the last best hope we have of electing a person who has not been corrupted by the system of greed and cronyism we have come to accept as normal. Those who argue that he is “unelectable” are basically despairing that we will ever recover what small shreds of true democracy remain in our failing republic. If the Democratic establishment succeeds in torpedoing his Presidential bid (or he suffers a mysterious “heart attack”), and offers us Hillary as the booby prize, I’m done. If the majority of Americans insist on continuing to blindly elect their own plantation masters, they can do it without me. Time to buy a big bag of popcorn and watch this place crumble around our ears.

Feces by any other name smells just as bad.








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3 thoughts on “Why I Will Never, Ever Vote for Hillary Clinton

  1. “Lesser of two evils” choices are still valid even if you replace that metaphor with a stinkier one 😀 I’ve voted for 11 presidents, making the “lesser” choice about half the time. Mrs. Clinton has many personal negatives, and I also support Sanders, but her policy goals and positions are still far, FAR “less evil” than those of any of the Republicans.


    1. I respectfully disagree. While Hillary is clearly not as overtly frightening as the Republican bozos, she is a liar and a darling of the people who are screwing us all over. We might as well get this fake democracy thing over with. It will be ;painful, but at least we have a chance to start over.



      1. We can agree to disagree in civility. And I don’t like her personally either. But I’ve lived through seriously “flawed” men who still did some good (LBJ, Nixon, Clinton), and more “moral” guys who couldn’t find their butt with both hands (Ford, Carter). I’m no longer convinced there’s a solid correlation between good character, and being an effective President. Thanks for sharing your online space!


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