Don’t Blame the Dumb Ones

I find it increasingly difficult to hold any hope for this society. Despite almost daily warnings about global warming, or corporate sponsored legislative decisions that rob us of our civil rights, or revelations about the criminal activity of our own government0721051gold1, educated Americans, to a large extent, try their best to ignore what’s happening in their own country. They much prefer to talk about sports or fashion or their latest electronic paraphernalia. If a conversation rolls around to an issue that actually matters, like ocean pollution or blatant racism or the steady drip of Biblical lunacy which has been leaking into our legislative processes, they retreat to the safety of their cultural comfort zones, ignoring the fact that their reticence to address such serious issues will eventually result in those safe zones being destroyed, perhaps permanently. It’s easier for them to go turtle than it is to listen to what a small handful of Chicken Littles have been screaming at them, even though the poultry’s hysteria is absolutely appropriate. It’s more convenient to pretend everything is just fine than it is to cut short their time on the Stairmaster.

Educated, middle class trend sheep are not merely getting fooled again, they’re being fooled constantly, they know it, and they choose to ignore it. It’s hard even to find a term for that degree of foolhardiness. Invincible ignorance?  Stockholm syndrome? Assholery? Gross, willful stupidity? None of these are adequate to describe the moral and civil constipation that has almost completely enfolded itself over the 19% who, as Chomsky reminds us, have been groomed to rule and regulate the other 80% while the 1% rakes in profits and despoils what’s left ofStupid white people on the phone the planet.

Many of these educated retards point fingers at the stupid people for being gullible enough to be manipulated by Fox “News” and/or the Koch brothers and/or any number of corporate villains who have corrupted our system of governance and turned us into wage slaves. What these magna cum lazy shitheads conveniently avoid recognizing is that truly stupid people can’t help it; they are stupid because they are genetically disadvantaged. Dumb people are usually conservative and gullible and manipulStupid White Womenable because they don’t have the cognitive firepower to see beyond the lower levels of the Maslow pyramid. Folks whose jobs have been shipped overseas by the Clinton and Bush Administration fascists are working too many hours to care much about the reasons they have to work so hard. It’s difficult enough for them to put food on their families.

True, lasting change in this country has to be brought about by the educated Middle Class, and most of the mindless messes who occupy that societal niche are too concerned about their image and their egos and their fancy running shoes to use what Gawd gave them for something other than impressing the other drones at the office picnic. They, and not the idiot Teabaggers, are the ones responsible for this country careening into the cesspit. They are the ones richly deserving of scorn and derision, because they could have done something about this mess and chose not to.


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