The Darkness at the End of the Tunnel

So here we are. Two sad young lunatics use a pressure cooker to blow the legs off innocent people and kill an eight-year-old kid. Later that day they murder a young cop as he sits in his squad car. A foretaste of the coming Police State follows when black-uniformed S.W.A.T. enforcers blanket Watertown, Massachusetts, kill the older of the two lunatics in a dramatic, real-life firefight, then capture the younger one, a nineteen-year-old, who has run away and hidden himself under a boat tarp  in someone’s back yard. He’s got a gunshot wound to the neck, and one to his leg, which means the authorities will likely patch him up, interrogate him, and then kill him. Senator Lindsey “I’m SO Not Gay” Graham, from the Southern medieval state of South By-God Carolina, wants him declared an enemy combatant. This means he could be whisked off to Gitmo (you know, the prison Obamarama promised to shut down years ago) with no trial, no formal charges, no lawyer, no jury, no chance. But wait! He’s an American Citizen, so none of that scary Gitmo stuff applies to him, right? Wrong, Bunkie. Because of President Obamarama’s National Defense Authorization Act (which also legalized war propaganda), the Executive Branch can decide to jail, or kill, any American they deem to be a Threat To National Security, and all this without any Congressional oversight whatsoever. Mr. President doesn’t even have to tell Congress what he’s doing, or even that there’s anything going on. That should work really well for the “liberal” segment of the American population the next time a President Cheney or some other unindicted war criminal rigs a presidential election with the help of the Supreme Court Deities and institutes a modern version of the Enabling Act.

Meanwhile, down in the By-God State of Texas, a fertilizer plant has exploded, killing a whole bunch of By-God Texans. More unspeakable sadness, more good people killed for absolutely no reason. President Barry has declared a state of emergency and pledged emergency funds so “that the community will have the resources it needs to rebuild.” Governor Rick “Fabulous Hair” Perry has agreed to put aside, temporarily, the customary antipathy Texans show towards the Federal Government (or “gub’mint”) and accept the Federal Aid. When the town has been rebuilt, and the grief has passed, it is anticipated that most Texans will resume calling Barry O a “Socialist”. No mainstream news organization will be allowed to see ANY irony in this at all at all at all.

And speaking of Obamarama, he was incensed, incensed I tell you, that the weak-kneed, corporate-owned Senate had just voted down a bill which would require background checks for all gun sales, a bill that had the support of roughly 90% of the American public. Fascinating. He actually came close to telling the truth once or twice during his scholarly, mild-mannered Rose Garden tirade when he accused the gun lobby of “willfully (lying)” about the defeated bill (duh), and he was wearing his angry face the entire time. Truly inspiring. I wonder if he will now denounce all those Middle Eastern robot drone strikes because they, too, kill innocent women, children, and old people. After all, you would think a man that well-educated, a man with his finger on the pulse of the entire nation, the defacto leader of the free world, would be just as concerned with senseless death in Afghanistan and Pakistan as he is with the massacre at Sandy Hook. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before he balances that particular moral equation.

Hmmm. Ninety percent of the American public is in favor of background checks, yet their “elected” “representatives” totally ignore their will and vote against a clear mandate of the people. How’s that sit with you “work within the system” naïfs? Do you honestly still believe the men and women we send to Washington have any concern for what their constituents want or think or believe? Really? Are you still convinced that it’s possible to reverse the headlong leap toward a Corporate Dictatorship by finding candidates to run for office in a system that is totally owned and controlled by the Corporations? Really? Are you honestly that stupid? I’m sure you’re not ignorant, since you are at least as aware of what’s been going on as I, so that excuse doesn’t fly. So it must be stupidity. There’s really no other logical explanation.

What to do, what to do . . . how do we extricate ourselves from the oppressive yoke of Corporate Dictatorship? Media’s owned, which means all the news you get on the Tee Veeand magazines and on Clear Channel Radio is filtered through the corporate censors, so appealing to “journalists” is pointless. It’s almost impossible to live in our diseased society without contributing to corporate profits, since the major corporations own almost all of the consumer resources we need to live. They own the fuel we need to power the cars they build which we need to get to jobs we have to have to feed ourselves from their grocery chains and pay the bills for the utilities which they also own.  And the stuff they don’t own now, they will. For example, anybody notice the spike in advertisement for bacon lately? Maybe it’s because Monsanto’s trying to patent pigs?

Yeah, I know, I know, I should be wearing a tinfoil hat. Woo hoo!

We can forget about bankers or corporate behemoths like Goldman Sachs or HSBC or British Petroleum being held accountable for criminal activity, whether it’s destroying the world economy for profit, laundering money for drug lords and Al Quaeda, or despoiling huge bodies of water and lying about it. They are clearly better than we are, and have the exonerations (and tax subsidies) to prove it. Besides, they’re people now. We can also forget about any sort of righteous insurrection or, Gawd forbid, revolution in this fine country of ourn over these blatant rich-boy illegalities, since most of us (myself included, from here on out) are juuuuuuust comfortable enough to let all this stuff blow right by us. Many (most?) don’t even want to know what’s going on. I used to work with a woman who customarily walked with her back to the oncoming traffic, because if she were going to be run over she didn’t want to know about it. An excellent analogy, that. Keep your head down, keep eating Cheetos, and shut the fuck up if you know what’s good for you.

Here’s some words to live by.

“Be a good consumer! Consume in quantity! Go watch some television! Get your lobotomy!”

So pop those Mouseketeer ears on your noggin, snap open a frosty adult beverage, and strap in for that long ride down the somnambulant consumer razorblade. It’s SO much easier than doing anything about it.


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