To All Our Disgustingly Wealthy Friends . . .

Dear Greedy Bastards:

We are coming for you.  We are onto your lies and manipulations, and it’s just a matter of time before ALL the deceptions you have foisted upon the weak and misinformed will be exposed. Enjoy your expensive cars and your mansions while you can, because the people whom you have financially brutalized in order to procure those things will no longer allow you to ravage their lives in the pursuit of more than you need.  We are many.  You are very, very few, and if the current groundswell of awareness continues, you will finally get what you really deserve.

Please keep in mind that the people protesting now have a deep commitment to peace and non-violence.  When your police arrest us we go peacefully, almost all the time, and we swiftly and loudly denounce any of our number (probably people you’ve planted among us, anyway) who employs ANY sort of violence.  And yes, we realize what you do to people like Dr. King, Paul Wellstone, Bobby Kennedy, Victor Jara, and so many others, and we don’t care.  We have no leaders, because each of us is responsible for ourselves, each of us is responsible for every other human being in this movement.  We listen to and hear each other, we respect each other in ways that you apparently cannot fathom.  Your threats and intimidation no longer hold us in thrall. We are white, black, red, tan, yellow, old, middle-aged, young, educated and illiterate, employed, unemployed, and under employed, homeless, and you have pushed us too far.  You and your paid flunkies are animals, and it’s time we put you in a cage.

Although those of us involved in the current “uprising” are overwhelmingly non-violent, this is certainly not true of our brothers and sisters on the Far Right.  When your Koch Brother lobotomized, Tea Party dupes catch wind of how you’ve used them and lied to them (and they will), it might be a good time to relocate to one of the several homes you have in other countries.  The Teabaggers are the NRA freaks, the Second Amendment remedy crew, the ones who publish maps that put targets on Congress members.  They do NOT believe in non-violence, and it’s just a matter of time until they figure out what’s up. For your sake, I hope your passports are current.

But wait a minute.  Now that I think about it, this movement is worldwide. You and your minions have attempted to enslave not just Americans, but human beings all across the globe, and now that we are finally finding out the degree to which you have exploited us, we’re not liking it much. You’re probably not going to be safe anywhere.  Your money and your cars and your fine houses and your bought-and-paid-for politicians will no longer protect you.

Oh well.  I guess you should have seen this coming.  Good luck.  You’ll need it.

Victor Jara


We The People.

We are many.  Many of us forgive, many do not, but NONE of us forgets.

Expect us.


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