Smart New Boss, Same as the Old Dumb Boss

In January 2009, President of the United State...
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There’s really not much difference between Obama and Bush, policywise.  Barack, unlike his predecessor, can put cogent sentences together without help from a scriptwriter (or a Special Ed teacher), which is nice, and he’s got a lovely family, but aside from his personal charm there is little difference between his style of violent, middle-class colon cleansing and that of the disgusting little fake Texan from Connecticut.  We are still being surveilled, but more so, we are still in Guantanamo, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and now he’s also gotten us into Libya and Syria. And those are just the wars we KNOW of.  The CIA torturers Barry exonerated are likely at work, as you read this, stirring up their special brand of imperialist mischief in whichever third world country we’ve yet to exploit fully.  There is still no universal health care, or even the Public Option he promised during his eloquent presidential campaign.  Obama gave trillions to his rich buddies, just like Bush did, and did absolutely nothing while people lost their homes. He hasn’t done anything to prosecute the Banksters responsible for the foreclosures, and in fact has stood around speechifying while they shower themselves in billion-dollar bonuses and bask in the Bush tax breaks Mr. Obama refused to let expire. Not only did he let British Petroleum slide when they killed eleven men and destroyed the economy and ecology of the Gulf of Mexico, he’s allowing them to renege on their promised damage payments.  He has also just OK’d Shell Oil drilling in the Arctic, without even bothering to oversee their drilling plans.  Obama is STILL pushing nuclear power, even after Fukushima.  In short, Barack Obama is Bush Dark, another wholly owned corporate lackey who does as he is told whenever they tell him to do it.

Did he inherit a huge, steaming pile of about-to-collapse economy and illegal invasion?  Yes he did.  And he’s done exactly nothing to fix any of those problems except in token, ineffective ways.  Bending over to please a bunch of Neo-Fascist Republicans in the name of “bipartisan cooperation” is useless and cowardly. It’s on a par with Pelosi declaring impeachment “off the table”.  Any of you “Progressives” out there who still think Obama is on your side need to pop your head out of your sphincter and realize he never was.  You should have realized that as soon as he was declared a “top tier” candidate.  No one gets there without the approval of the Big Boys. Progressives like Kucinich and Gravel get ridiculed and dismissed early in the phony dog-and-pony show that is our election process. Every one of the men or women left standing is a corporate shill, you can take it to the bank. Their bank, very likely, because they own most of them.

Palin couldn’t possibly be that much worse, and that “deer in the headlights” expression whenever anyone asks her a non-scripted question is priceless.  I say bring’ er on.  She really can’t fuck things up much worse than they already are, and besides, Tina Fey could entertain us all with at least another four years of comedy gold as she mines Sarah’s boo boos. And all of John McCain‘s friends could pound their walkers while they stare at them.

Bachmann is a riot too.  I’d love to see the confusion and panic in those wildly unfocused eyes when the corporatists who really run this place give her her marching orders.  I wonder if she’ll be submissive.

Perry strikes me as Bush with better hair. He wears his sleaziness like a badge of honor, and his stolen election will probably get this whole end-of-the-empire thing moving much, much quicker. If we’re REALLY lucky, he’ll follow through with his plan to have Texas secede from the Union and we can start printing school textbooks that are reality based once again.  Then Crawford will no longer be part of the United States and then the World Court can extradite Bush and try him for war crimes since the CIA won’t be protecting him anymore!

But hey, I’m a dreamer . . .

All three of these corporate stooges believe that the world was created in seven days, and that climate change is a natural occurrence which has nothing whatsoever to do with all the carbon we’ve been crapping into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution, and that Evolution is a theory that should be taught alongside Creationism in Science class.  They also think Armageddon is a really swell idea and have no real problem with the world ending.

But they’re perfectly sane, apparently, and you’d be a libelous fool to state anything different.  Professor Irwin Corey and Pat Paulsen are looking better every day.

We American citizens used to be treated with dignity, regardless of our social or economic status (as long as we were White, of course), and I used to be proud of the fact that we shared that sense of personal dignity with other countries.  We don’t have any dignity anymore, because we have adapted to being treated like garbage by the men who own us.  The fact that we justify this mistreatment of human beings in any way tells me we don’t have a very high opinion of ourselves, but we revel in it, through our love of war and capital punishment and UFC.

In 2012, we have the choice of voting for an eloquent, cowardly Corporatist or any one of several other, demonstrably wacky Corporatists, yet we continue to la la la along like everything is fine, while unemployment rises, a few more trillion are hoarded by those who pay no taxes, and our infrastructure collapses around our ears, but we can’t hear it because we’re wearing iPods.

We deserve everything that’s going to happen to us.


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