Sliding Down the Wacky Razor Blade Fun Ride

Dick Cheney, Oil Vampire
Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

By now you must have figured out that we’re pretty much cooked as a country, and quite possibly as a species.  The odds of a billion or so consumer zombie Yuppies and Teabaggers  suddenly waking up to discover that the Koch Brothers and Goldman Sachs REALLY AREN’T THEIR FRIENDS are about as high as Dick Cheney apologizing to Iraqi orphans.  There are hundreds of us, but there are millions of them, and the thems are being coached over the cliff and into the abyss by some of the most virulently disgusting men ever to slither across the surface of this planet.  These men own EVERYthing, have no conscience or scruples, and have grown so ugly and powerful they’ve gotten most of their minions to disbelieve in their very existence.  Pretty neat trick.  Mention Bilderburg or The World Bank to most American serf workers and they’ll either stare at you blankly or chuckle politely, depending on the level of creature comfort their keepers have allowed them to obtain. Game, set, match to the moneyed monsters and their lobotomized multitude.

So what do we do? Suicide is for cowards, and besides, there’s a perverse part of me that wants to stick around and watch as these idiots finally realize what they’ve done to themselves.  Talk about FUUUUUUUUN shit!  What a joy it would be to witness the expression on Mrs. Married-the-Right-Guy-For-Comfort-and-Security’s face as the planetary weather patterns finally coalesce into near-constant tornadoes and 130-degree daily temperatures, all because she and her country club friends and ancestors couldn’t give a rat’s ass that their collective, decadent lifestyles DIRECTLY contributed to the despoiling and collapse of our environmental life support systems.  Teak panels for the yacht but no more clean air to breathe.  Tee hee!  Or maybe watch the flicker of horror wash across the faces of the CEOs in charge of General Electric and DuPont and Monsanto when they see their grandchildren writing in death agony from a terminal disease which DIRECTLY resulted from the industrial misadventures and toxic byproducts of their grandfathers’ corporate malfeasance. What a hoot!  Perhaps the day will finally come when swarms of unemployed, white, Teabagger hillbillys from South Carolina and Arizona and Kentucky and Texas and several of the other Southern Retard states FINALLY realize that the nice white men they’ve been supporting all these years because Jayzuz told them to have been screwing them all along.  When these gangrenous dolts thunder into corporate gated communities and multi-billionaire-built mansions wielding machetes, it will truly be time for Pay-Per-View.

Nah.  It’ll never happen, because these animals don’t care. I have doubts that they’re even human, else why would they, seemingly intentionally, destroy their own people and planet?  They must be scary space monsters is all I can figure, because they sure don’t care about us humans.

In the meantime, I guess we just sit around and watch as they destroy themselves and take us with them.  All the knowledge and logic in the world can’t unbrainwash somebody, and besides, it is unrealistic to think we can unbrainwash the number of people who need it in time to save our collective bacon.  Too many television sets, too little time.

I forget where I first heard it, but someone wrote that it’s impossible to reason someone out of a position they did not arrive at by reason.   I think that’s true.


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