No Cure for Myopia

Countries where Fox News is provided
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Just to be clear, I am no supporter of the supposed “Liberal Agenda”. Democrats and Liberals who still insist on supporting Obama, Pelosi, Reed, and all the other sniveling Democrat cowards, despite the manifestly obvious similarities between their agenda and that of the Bush Crime Family, are no more logical or sane than the Teabag idiots. Anyone who is seated comfortably on either side the artificially concocted two party fence that’s been foisted on the TV-addled denizens of this country is worthy of scorn and dismissal, regardless of whether they’re on the “Left” channel of Sirius radio or not. Bill Press and Stephanie Miller can kiss my ass.

That said, although the smug, wan, condescendingly vapid half-smiles of the Starbucks latte crowd are certainly irritating, if you really want to raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels through sheer frustration, there is nothing quite like trying to use logic on a Conservative. They’re immune. The moment you write or say something to them that hasn’t been rattling around the Right Wing echo chamber for a week or three, their eyes glaze over and their faces freeze in a kind of constipated rictus. “Alien” thought patterns are anathema to these poor brain-dead creatures. Any attempt to formulate their own ideas or (HORRORS!!) admit ANY possibility that they may need to cough up and re-chew a force-fed propaganda point or two is a guaranteed one-way ticket to the place run by the red guy with the pointy tail. They need Rush or Sean or Bill-O to tell them how and what to think, because they have been bred from childhood to obey everything Daddy says and that to refuse to do so is a horrible sin. Gawd and Country are one and the same to these empty vessels, and they REFUSE to acknowledge that their upper-one-percent keepers could IN ANY WAY be using this cultural brainwashing to further the interests of the corporations and the other vermin that run this place. In the Conservative mind(sic)set, this just does not compute. It is not possible, and therefore it is never discussed, or even addressed, because to do so would be to indulge in absurdity. The Right Wing talking heads speak for the country, and the country is a gift from Gawd, so to question Brit Hume is to question Gawd his very own self. Period. End of discussion. Go away.

And there is no cure for the disease, short of Armageddon, which is what a lot of them want anyway. The self-regulating, self-enfolding, solipsistic nature of their inculcation into group stupidity is guarded by the two huge Doberman Pinschers of Media and Religion. Their preachers promise them eternal screaming and agony if they listen to anything other than Michael Savage. They are told, literally from birth, that to disagree with the teachings of the “Elders” is tantamount to spitting in The Good Lawd’s face. Anything that diverges from their rectally-inspired version of The Good Book is inherently of Beelzebub and should be denounced and dismissed forthwith, preferable with a burning pitchfork. The Fox News channel, ubiquitous in Southern households and Northern redneck bars, feeds these cretins a steady stream of top shelf industrialist pablum, and this gelatinous goo is gratefully gobbled each and every day, with Gawd-inspired gusto, by all the undernourished souls in need of saving.

This is one reason why “Good Christians” living in abject poverty have no problem when their sons go overseas to murder innocent children. To them, Jesus is like Rambo.

This is how the corporations have managed to keep so many people poor and sick and stupid. This is why dirt poor farmers continue to vote for the very people who forced them to eat dirt in the first place. All of their information is parceled out to them, and their value system is hammered into their heads before they have a chance to evaluate it.

It’s a wonderful system. Gawd Bless the U.S.S.A.


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