Bachmann Newsweek Parody Link

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates - Upda...
Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

Below is a link to a satirical video which lampoons the eminently lampoonable “Crazy Eyes” Michele Bachmann.

I wish it were funnier, but there isn’t much funny about the candidacy of Michelle, so there ya go.

It’s utterly horrifying to me that there exists a presidential candidate whose behavior  is actually MORE irrational and fact free than Sarah Palin’s.  And that she very well might be elected. (edited for accuracy 8/17/11)

Michele Bachmann Cover Parody

If Obama manages to eke out a second term win (and the Republicans don’t steal yet another election), it is because of the carnival of campaign loonies that is careening through Tee Vee land in search of a larger corporate handout.


2 thoughts on “Bachmann Newsweek Parody Link

    1. Certainly a fair observation. I have no legal or factual basis to accuse Michele Bachmann of being mentally ill, other than her inability to answer a direct question, which is a malady that plagues may other politicians.

      Fair’s fair. There is no factual support for the contention that Michele Bachmann is crazy and/or mentally ill. Could you at least concede that she tends to be irrational and has tendency to deny statement she’s been previously been recorded as actually saying?


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