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This is an interchange I just had with a Conservative blogger.  After it was posted, she basically told me to get lost because she didn’t like what I said and didn’t feel there was ever any way to reconcile our differences.  Perhaps she’s right, but it pointed out to me how calcified the Conservative mindset really is, and why it will ultimately lead to the destruction and downfall of this country.

But it’s not all bad, since it’s what drove me to start this blog.

Her original post is in italics.  My response is in bold.

Thank you for your reply. I will attempt to address each of your points.

“Do you really believe that taxing the job creators does not result in higher prices for you, me and all consumers?”

What you or I “believe” is irrelevant. The job creators are not creating jobs, and if people don’t have jobs, they don’t have money, and if they don’t have money, it doesn’t matter how high prices are since they can’t afford to buy anything anyway. It has been estimated that the very rich are currently sitting on about $46 trillion, but they simply have not invested in American job creation or infrastructure.

“Do you really believe that corporations and the so-called “wealthy” job creators pay those increased taxes?”

General Electric, Exxon/Mobil, Bank of America, and seven other large corporations paid ZERO Federal income tax last year. No, there is no evidence that those corporations paid taxes. In fact, we little folk subsidized several of them with our tax dollars, despite their record profits.

“I was a small business owner and I can tell you that the price of the product goes up when the demands for more dollars from the government come along. And in addition to the price of the product rising (which is paid by the consumer, not the producer) the ability of the so-called “wealthy” job creator to improve his business, i.e. buy new equipment, hire more people, provide bonuses to the current employees or even give them raises, is diminished.”

Excellent points. The cost of business is clearly passed along to the consumer almost always. You and other small-to-medium business owners, however, are small potatoes compared to the folks mentioned in the previous paragraph, so our problems are not theirs. Just look at BP. They lost billions despoiling the Gulf of Mexico, and they’re still doing quite well, thank you very much. Small business owners are merely trying to stay afloat. Small business owners do NOT make huge profits. They cannot count on government subsidies for their business expenses. You are talking apples and oranges.

“I have a treasure trove of “evidence to the contrary.” I lived it, pal.”

I have no doubt you did. You just need to open that treasure trove a bit wider, because so far you have not proven your point.

“Have you ever owned your own business? Have you ever provided an income for up to 60 families?”

No. I’m sure it’s a tremendous responsibility. Why did you stop?

“I’m guessing not because the people who want to keep taxing the “millionaires and billionaires” have never been in the position of helping to put food on someone else’s table.”

Again, please explain the connection between a business that supports 60 families and one that makes billions of dollars of profits each quarter and pays no taxes. Maybe I’ve missed something.

“And if you are one of those “millionaires and billionaires” who WANT to pay more taxes – knock yourself out! Send the IRS a check! They’ll be glad to take your money. Or better yet, in the “for” line on the check, write my name so you can contribute to my tax debt.”

Unfortunately, there is very little evidence that American corporate leaders are patriotic enough to do what you suggest. They twist themselves into knots shielding their billions in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes, but you’re right, the very idea that they’d freely chip in to help when their country is in need is indeed laughable.

“Now you give me evidence that the Republicans are “gutting” anyone’s life savings. This is nothing more than liberal talking points. And I call bullshit on it.”

Glad to. Some examples:
Silverado Trading and Loan bailout. We paid for it.

Bush Treasury Secretary John W. Snow “forgot” that people needed money to pay for their mortgages.

Bush and the Goldman-Sachs connection

And please don’t think I’m supporting Democratic Party banksterism by pointing out the crimes of the Bush Administration. Geitner and Obama are shills for Wall Street, no doubt about it, Clinton started NAFTA and helped destroy unions, so I have no use for them, either.

I just wish those of us down here on the lower rungs of the economic ladder could find a way to dispense with all this two-party crapola and realize the need to start working together. Keep our differences of opinion; they’re healthy, but for God’s sake if we keep fighting each other about philosophical differences we’re merely sealing our own collective bankruptcy.


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